The soil is clay-limestone. Our vineyard fall within the RIOJA ALTA wine área between Bajo Najerilla and the Ebro river , at an average height of 500 m, sheltered from the wind by the Sierra de Cantabria to the north ad the Sierra de la Demanda to the south. Our fields receive 2.100 hours of sunshine a year with an average rainfall of 430l/year and an average temperatura of 13º, all excellent conditions for the production of high quality wine.


The grapes are picked on the730 hectares of vineyards around the winery  belonging to its 260 members in the village os SAN ASENSIO.

The main VARIETY  OF RED WINE GRAPES IS TEMPRANILLO the variety best suited to our soils which produces wines with the right degree and potential  in terms of body and color for making high quality wines; we also use the VIURA White grapes. These are grapes with a huge personality that help define the great wines of SAN ASENSIO