Prieto Picudo, ALAIA

Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon, Dehesa de Rubiales ALAIA

Alaia is made of Prieto Picudo grapes… is a red grape that is grown primarily in Spain, in Leon región. The Prieto Picudo is sometimes blended with our grapes Tempranillo and Merlot.


The grapes are distinguished by their tight cluster and berry-shaped pine nuts and blue-black skin. The vine is presented with his head buried and the branches spread across the floor, that makes your pruning is unlike any other, although at present the method of planting is common for vines, a trellis and thus improve their production . This grape produces a wine unique to the province of Leon.




Vineyard:      Castilla y León
Soil Type:   Sandy loam with boulders on the surface and clay underneath several meters deep
Vine Age:      25 years old
Climate:        Max summer 37. Min Winter -6.
Green Harvest        yes
Irrigation:     No irrigation
Harvest Date:      October 2014, hand harvest at the morning


This vintage is made of  Prieto Picudo andTempranillo. First, the grapes are carefully selected in the vineyards, taking into consideration the acidity and alcohol level. The grapes are harvested in 14kg boxes, de-stemmed and slightly pressed in order to extract the best must to make the maceration process more effective. The grapes are then transferred into an interchanger device to reduce the musts temperature from 18-20º Centigrade to 12 to 14. This process is to prevent fermentation during maceration. The grapes are then left to macerate from 10 to 15 days to develop the color and the aroma. Fermentation takes about 7 days and the grape skin is left with the musts during that process; the maximum temperature will be between 25 and 26º Centigrade. The wine is then aged for 4 months in 225 liter French Oak barrels.

 Tasting Notes:

Color: Intense cherry and and purple colour
Nose: An aromatic blend of ripe fruit and toasted wood themselves
Palate: The mouthfeel is nice, well structured, with dark cherry fruit,

cacao and fresh spices. Soft tannins and persistent

Other: It is a good accompaniment to red and rich meat dishes, stews,

game, BBQ as well as cheeses.